(as of November 2017)

You can start using Free Plan right away, by creating a SPIKE account. For Business Premium, there is a screening process, which will take a minimum of 7 business days.

Free Plan
(Visa only)
Business Premium
(Japan only)
Initial Fee Free Free
Monthly Fee Free 3,000 JPY per month
Credit Card Commission Fee No fee up to 100,000 JPY* per 3 months
then 3.9% + 30 JPY per transaction
Visa, MasterCard 2.55% ~ + 10 JPY* ~ per transaction
JCB/AMEX/Diners Fee
Conbini/Pay-easy Commission Fee 2.95% + 30 JPY per transaction 2.95% + 30 JPY per transaction
Payout Fee 500 JPY** 500 JPY**
Refund Fee 250 JPY* 250 JPY*
Chargeback Fee 1,500 JPY* 1,500 JPY*
Transfer Reversal Fee 1,000 JPY* 1,000 JPY*

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What is a PAYOUT FEE?

A payout fee is a fixed fee for a payout when you wish to transfer funds from your SPIKE account to your designated bank or PayPal account. We will only charge you (the seller) this fee when you make a payout request. The fee is deducted from the total payout amount.

What is a REFUND FEE?

A refund fee is a fixed fee for a refund in which a buyer or a seller wants to reverse a payment. We will only charge you (the seller) this fee for the cancellation of a sale transaction.
Please see more details: Is there a fee for processing a refund?


A commission fee is a fee charged after a free plan user (seller) reaches 100,000JPY in transactions per 3 months. We will charge you (the seller) 3.9% + 30JPY per transaction (excludes tax). The fee will automatically be deducted from the balance for every transaction.
Please see more details: Regarding the calculation for transaction fees.

Business Premium users (the seller) will be charged from 2.55% + from 10 JPY per transaction (excludes tax) (the exact fee will be determined after the screening process). The fee will automatically be deducted from the balance for every transaction.


A chargeback fee is a fixed fee for a chargeback which is also a reversal of a payment, but is highly likely to relate to fraudulent activities. We will charge you (the seller) for this fee when the claim of a chargeback initiated by the card issuer, as requested from the cardholder, is confirmed. The amount you charged for the transaction will also be deducted from your account.
There are several ways of preventing chargebacks. Please see more details: What is Chargeback?


It is an administrative fee when there is an error in registering a bank account and sales proceeds do not transfer and a settlement procedure occurs.
It shall be deducted from the Sales (Sales Coin) balance or transfer amount.

Other Options

To make things more convienient, SPIKE offers several option services. Please note that all option services are only available in Japan at the moment.

For JCB, Amex, Diners

You can add the above brands for an additional monthly fee of 5,000 JPY (excludes tax), and a commission fee of 3.4% + 30 JPY (excludes tax). You must be a business premium member. Click on the application page for more details.

Rapid Payment Service

With this service, you can reduce the normal payment cycle up to 40 days. You have an option of transfering your funds, 1 ~ 3 times a month. Funds will be transfered 10days after the payout request deadline.

Chargeback Guarantee Service

If you pay a monthly flat rate, you’ll be guaranteed your sales funds, even if a chargeback occurs. Monthly fee: 3,000 JPY (exempt from tax) ~ Guaranteed amount (monthly): You can choose from 3 courses: 300,000 JPY, 500,000 JPY, or 1,000,000 JPY

Customize API

As an alternative to using the SPIKE Checkout UI, sellers can integrate their own UI with SPIKE’s API (5,000 JPY per month (excludes tax)).

Atobarai.com for SPIKE

After the buyer receives the product, they can make a payment at the convenient store, bank or post office. The seller will be guaranteed the product costs/price by this service.

SPIKE standard plan: Transaction fee: 3.6% (exempt from tax), monthly fee: 0 JYP
SPIKE business premium plan: Transaciton fee: 2.8% (exempt from tax), monthly fee: 5,000 JPY (excludes tax)

Convenience Store/Pay-easy Payment

It is believed to be the most popular online payment method for non credit card holders and for those who are concerned about security in using their credit card in online shopping. The sellers who already have a SPIKE account and use our Shop functionality can add Convenience Store/Pay-easy Payment with just a few steps. This service is available for merchants in Japan.

Initial Fee/Monthly Fee: Free
Commission Fee: 2.95%
Transaction Fee: 30 JPY per transaction
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Payout Schedule

You can withdraw funds from your balance on a monthly basis for deposit to your designated bank or PayPal account. All you need to do is initiate a payout request.

The payout request period for transactions in a given month will extend to the third (3rd) day until 3:59PM (PST). For example, if you wanted to make a payout that included transactions made in the month of March, you would have until 3:59PM (PST) on April 3rd to request a payout for that period. The payout would be processed on the last day of April*.

* Please note: actual times may vary based on your local time zone

The diagram below illustrates how the payout schedule works (Note: For simplicity, the diagram excludes tax).

  1. Payout Requests can be made until the end of the third (3rd) day at 3:59PM (PST) of the following month. You can include transactions occurring to date for your payout request.

  2. The Payout Date will be the last day of the month following the Payout Request date. If this day falls on a holiday, the deposit will be made on the following bank business day.

Payout schedule cutoff

Payout schedule payout

* Payouts to your bank or PayPal account are usually processed during bank business days, so bank holidays or national holidays may affect when you receive your payout. We will send you an email notification when a deposit is initiated to your bank or PayPal account.