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What is SPIKE Matching?

SPIKE Matching is an M&A Platform by SPIKE. With Matching, you can access the business membership of SPIKE, one of the largest payment platforms in Japan with over 200,000 business accounts.

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Key features

No upfront costs

There is no initial fee and no monthly fee. Fees are only charged on a commission basis after the successful conclusion of a contract.

Simple submission

Supply us with your basic details and conditions, and the SPIKE system will find and inform you of the best-matched offer.

Specialized for internet business

SPIKE focuses on internet business, allowing us to provide an efficient, accurate service.

Artificial automation finds you the best offers

After providing basic business information and conditions, SPIKE Matching will find and notify you of your optimal offers.

Supported Business Types

EC sites

Smartphone applications

Social gaming

Media curation


Cloud services






  • 更新日:4月4日
  • 希望種別:Webサイト全般
  • 予算:50億円


  • 更新日:4月4日
  • 希望種別:ヘルスケア全般
  • 予算:10億円


  • 更新日:4月1日
  • 希望種別:メディア全般
  • 予算:100億円


  • 更新日:3月29日
  • 希望種別:IT事業全般
  • 予算:3億円


  • 更新日:3月16日
  • 希望種別:Web事業全般
  • 予算:20億円


Business owners & Investors Business owners Investors
Initial cost Free Free
Monthly fee Free Free
Success fee 5% (10% where final contracts are less than 100,000,000 JPY) 5% (10% where final contracts are less than 100,000,000 JPY)

Support for financing of aquisition funding

For Bidders wishing to obtain funding for a business aquisition, SPIKE Matching will aid you with introductions to our partner institutions. (ShinGinko Tokyo, Ltd)

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Register Now

Matching is performed in three simple steps. Registration can be completed easily, without the need to provide specialized information.


Your details

Sellers provide us with business details to register your offer. Buyers provide their conditions to find suitable offers.


Commence negotiations

Having received a notification of interest, you can commence your negotiations.



A sales contract is formed, agreed upon and completed.

Accelerate your Business by M&A

Registration will take about 1 minute. Your company or business name will not be disclosed until negotiations have started with another party. Your company details and negotiations will not be made public.

For Business Owners For Investors